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In Grecian mythology Aphrodites is the goddess of beauty and love, the perfect brand name for a service that's at the top of its beauty game.

Aphrodites represents superior brush skill, out of the box thinking and cruelty-free beauty. The type of clients that seek out Aphrodites are brides who want flawless cruelty-free glamour and not the standard "caked on your face" on application.


The head artist of Aphrodites is Mandy, and she only produces one of a kind looks. 


Mandy has been practicing makeup application for 11 years and has been perfecting her brush skills ever since. She turned from Lawyer to Artist in the past 7 years and her following has been increasing rapidly.  She is accredited by the Guild in Bridal and High Fashion hair-styling. She is fully trained in airbrushing makeup and has been trained by Mario Devanovic and Pat McGrath techniques. 


Aphrodites has been published in several notable magazines this includes numerous issues of Asian Bride and Asiana. Ellements Fashion and Beauty magazine New York and Elegant Magazine in California. Aphrodites has made front cover on various publications. ​


Mandy is a Vegan and only uses vegan and/or cruelty free products. Making people aware of cruelty-free beauty is part of Aphrodite's culture. Mandy also rides a Yamaha 600 motorbike and loves cats!

Awards & Nominations:

Winner - Most Luxe Makeup Artist  - Global Luxe Weddings 2020

Winner - Best Makeup Artist - The Asian Beauty Industry 2020

Finalist  - Top Makeup Artist  - The Wedding Industry Awards 2019

Winner - Top Makeup Artist for AWAA 2019.

Winner  - Overall Top Makeup Artist UK in 2019 by British Asian Wedding Awards.

Winner  - Best Makeup Artist for the South Region by British Asian Wedding Awards 2019

Finalist - Top Makeup Artist for Midland Asian Wedding Awards 2019

Finalist  - for Top Makeup Artist for British Asian Wedding Awards 2018.

Winner  - Top Makeup Artist in 2018 by Asian Wedding Experience 2018

Finalist - Top Makeup Artist for Midland Asian Wedding Awards 2018

Finalist - Top Makeup Artist  2017 by Asian Wedding Experience Awards

Winner Logo Ch1 - BAWA 2019-01.jpg
Winner Logo _ AsianBIA 2020-01.jpg
The 2nd Britain's Asian Wedding Awards
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